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Learn how exercise can help you during your pregnancy

Massage during and after pregnancy is quite popular with us at Top Notch Massage Bodyworks, which is why we love to include due to the growing evidence towards the mental and physical rewards it provides.

Is movement important during pregnancy?

At Top Notch, we do advocate remaining active during pregnancy and we love to come up with solutions to any discomfort you may have so that you can keep moving.

Here are our top three recommendations for nearing the end of your pregnancy:

  1. Gentle yoga stretches
  2. Aqua jogging or swimming
  3. Daily walking


There are many benefits to maintaining physical activity during pregnancy such as:

  • Reducing the amount of time spent in labour during childbirth,
  • Reduce complications,
  • Better sleep (and we all need better sleep towards the end!),
  • Release those good endorphins that help improve your mood
  • Reducing stress and anxiety which help to deal with day to day demands of your pregnancy and life,
  • Walking helps reduce blood pressure,
  • It may help to reduce back pain and pelvic pain during late pregnancy 
  • Relieve any constipation that you might be experiencing – they do say 10 -30 mins of a brisk walk can help get things moving, as well as drinking lots of water.

If you would like to contact us regarding how to safely exercise during each trimester of your pregnancy please send us a message! We are only too happy to help!

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