Southern Cross easy claim Health Insurance

If you are a southern cross member, you can claim your osteopathy or massage therapy sessions with us through easy claim with your membership number.

You're in good hands

All our Osteopaths are registered to accept Easy Claim.

Easy Claim with Massage ​

Only select Massage Therapists can take Southern Cross Appointments.

Southern Cross Registered Massage Therapists
Massey: Rachel, Sophie, and Kartik.
Parnell: Sophie

We advise calling your health insurance provider or reading your policy to see if osteopathy or massage therapy is covered.

The main two plans under Southern Cross are that are under Wellbeing One or Two are:
Body Care Module – $500 per year for Osteopathy and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Health Essentials plan – 75% of the treatment cost or $250 per year.

Under Southern Cross, the body care module covers Osteopathy and Remedial Massage Therapy. Please check in advance with your insurance company before seeking treatment.

If you hold a Body Module or Health Essentials under Southern Cross you can access any of the following services:

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
Clinical Massage Therapy – sports/deep tissue/remedial masssage and relaxation massage
Pregnancy Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Yes.  Please let us know via your initial health intake form or an email that you are a Southern Cross member and we can then process your treatments through Easy claim. 

Southern Cross invoices/Easy claim can only be used for individual treatments and not used for concessions.

If you wish to use concessions for massage therapy once all your treatments have been redeemed under your concession package – we can provide the initial payment of the concession invoice and a summary of your appointments to be sent to Southern Cross for reimbursement. 

Southern Cross will not pay for any treatment costs that ACC has agreed to cover.  You can claim your co-payment for treatment if your Southern Cross policy allows for it.  For more information please see how Southern Cross works with ACC.