Here is what our loyal customers say about their experience at Top Notch:

"I have been coming to Top Notch Massage for several weeks now and I can not believe the amazing results. I had been suffering lower back pain for some time, which was not only starting to really get me down, but was requiring regular pain relief just to get through my day at work. After every wonderful massage, I have been noticing the pain getting less and less (sometimes no pain at all for several days!)"

"Top Notch Massage is AMAZING!! Thanks so much for tonight cannot wait to come back.Really friendly and super knowledgeable!"

"During my first appointment I explained what the problems were, where and how it feels etc; the therapist was able to manipulate the exact area and afterwards I felt amazing. The therapists at Top Notch knows exactly where to massage and I always leave feeling much better and a little more stress free. I'm looking forward to my next treatment!"

"During a massage with Top Notch everything is well with the world for a full 60 minutes! It is both mentally & physically very beneficial, not only during the massage but also for days later I feel much more comfortable in my body & in a way 'lighter'. I strongly recommend the calming environment of Top Notch to all "

"Top Notch has come to the rescue many times when I've needed some help with tight & extremely sore muscles! I always leave feeling very relaxed! Wish I still lived just across the road!! "

"Top Notch is professional, personable and knowledgeable! I have come to Top Notch for pregnancy massage, sports massage and rehab massage for very sore feet and calves! I cannot recommend them highly enough, I always leave feeling relaxed and positive that I've got the help I needed which ever situation I am in at the time! Best I have ever visited for a massage"

"Top Notch Massage provided me with a fantastic pregnancy massage, it was very comfortable and it was so lovely and relaxing. Would recommend to any pregnant mamas out there"

"Best money I ever spent was here! I highly recommend Top Notch, they are pleasant to deal with and very good at what they do :-)"

We are very proud of our feedback and our reputation making us one of the leading Osteopathy & Massage Therapy clinics in Auckland