Clinical Massage Therapy

Are you ready to be revived and rejuvenated?

Our Treatments

All of our clinical massage treatments are delivered to suit your individual requirements and specific needs – whether that be sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage or to bring comfort with oncology massage.

Remedial and Sports Massage

Up your performance and quicken your recovery"

Are you experiencing niggles after a run, training or games each week?

Do you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated so you can continue performing at your best?

Or are you carrying long term injuries that just won’t budge!

Together we can then tailor your session with either deep tissue, sports or therapeutic/remedial massage session that suits your injury, sport or activity.

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Relaxation Massage

Relax, restore with one of our exceptional 'chill' sessions"

Bank on getting more than just a ‘rub’, our relaxation treatments are designed around stress management techniques or loosening up those tired muscles or that brain.

  • Had enough of tightness or achy pains?
  • Are you always shifting your body around to get comfortable?
  • Need to chill that mind?
  • Look forward to topping up that “you” bank account

I bet you are longing to feel calmer, sleep better and just feel “human” again. Or is there someone in your life who needs this relaxation treatment?

Relaxation is perfect in times where your cup is so full and it’s overflowing with demands from work, family or as we know these past few years have been extremely tough.

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Pregnancy Massage

"Ahhhhhh aches and pains be gone with our safe and cosy sessions"

Congratulations to you and your family! We know it is such a precious time for many. Some love that time out, and others just need to get through with all the body changes as they travel through the different trimesters.  

Did you know that getting a prenatal massage throughout your entire pregnancy is safe and we even see new mums back in for prenatal massage, once baby has arrived.

These treatments are excellent for freeing achy hips and easing lower back and shoulder pain.

Our prenatal massages are highly sought after and come highly recommended within the local midwifery community.

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Palliative Care

We support and care for your family during challenging times by providing oncology and palliative care massage.

If you crave a break from appointments and hospital visits, come and see our therapists who can provide a safe and caring place for you to zone out and have some time for you!

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Note: We are only able to provide post-surgical or to help remove excess fluid through lymphatic drainage massage. If you have Lymphedema or fall outside of these criteria, you can find a highly trained specialist therapist here.

Insurance Cover

Check if your insurance provider covers Massage Therapy. Southern Cross plans may cover Remedial Massage Therapy so make sure you book under Senior Massage Therapist a ‘Southern Cross Service’ so you can be reimbursed. Only certain therapists can provide this service.

Top Notch Bodyworks is affiliated with Massage New Zealand

To maintain excellence through our relationships, professionalism and commitment to massage therapy we follow the

Recent News

Massage New Zealand has released their thoughts on Self Care and Massage therapy.

For more information go to our blog on self care & massage.


Mentoring and Training

We are very keen to learn and stay up to date with the latest research, so we all attend online mentor sessions and aim to meet once a month for these and relevant massage training courses to continue education and professional development.

This is because we care and value your commitment to massage as part of your wellness, so in return we want to make sure that your treatment session is the best it can be, regardless of who your therapist is. We want to maintain exceptional evidence based standards so you can receive a ‘safe and professional’ massage treatment within Auckland.