In too much pain to exercise?

It is well known that exercise can help with the management of chronic pain, but it is often met with uncertainty of what to do.  Sometimes homework given in the form of physical activity just does not happen.  So when the words, “you must do these exercises” come out of the mouth of health professionals, what goes through your mind?

  • Is it met with enthusiasm?
  • Does it cause you to run a mile?  Or,
  • Do you bury your head pretending you are exempt from anything physical.

Being prescribed exercises for your rehabilitation are given by health professionals who have the best interests at heart –  they want you to get better.  But what happens if there is a mismatch?

  • What if the exercise/s they give you are not working?   
  • Can you do the exercises?

If the exercises are not working then – it is not a good exercise for you.

Remember exercise doesn’t have to mean going to a gym or rehabilitation centre etc. It may not even look like exercise, it can be activities such as dancing, gardening, taking the dog for a walk, playing with the kids, going diving or exploring the Waitakere’s.

If you are going backwards or had little success in your recovery and you are still experiencing pain and niggles, what can you do?  
At Top Notch, we can work with you to get your body to a place where you are comfortable to have another go at the exercises and support you through your ongoing pain.  Chronic pain can erode your quality of life if left unattended, so I urge you to take action and let us help you.

If you have any questions, please leave below or please get in contact with us at Top Notch.

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