Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

Massage Therapy alleviates pain, fatigue and improves your performance!

What is DOMs? Delayed onset muscle soreness – which is delayed onset of your muscles being sore – it occurs within the first 24 hours after strenuous or exhaustive exercise and you will feel it more between 24 -72 hour period (Guo, 2017).

So you might feel like

  • Sitting down and getting up off the chair is a struggle
  • Walking down/up stairs
  • Tentatively taking a few steps after sitting down for a while

DOMS comes with 
– muscle swelling and reduction in performance ( (Kargarfard et al., 2016; De Marchi et al., 2017)
– decreased range of motion (Cheung et al., 2003; Lavender and Nosaka, 2006)

Why it happens? It’s unclear.  The most accepted theory is that there is mechanical damage induced by exercise, which creates inflammation (to heal the damage). Which then results in your achy symptoms.

Our qualified massage therapists can be used to alleviate your symptoms of DOMS and help you move better.

Massage Therapy aids in:

  • Increasing skin and muscle temperature
  • Increasing blood and lymphatic flow
  • Kick starts  the rest and digest system (parasympathetic nervous system)

This results in great physical benefits such as:

  • Relief of muscle tension, stiffness and soreness;
  • Reduction of muscle soreness;
  • Increased range of motion. 

There is also psychological benefits:

  • You feel relaxed;
  • Puts you in a better mood;
  • Reduces fatigue.

Robust evidence shows Massage Therapy is effective for alleviating DOMS, as well as increasing muscle performance. Especially after 48 hours post exercise. (Gou, 2017) 

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