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If working from home is now a long-term situation for you and this is how your laptop sits on your desk – you may want to re-think your set-up. 

Using your laptop at the dining room table?

This is where we all found ourselves over the past two years, and if you are still there, here are some ways you can make this more comfortable.

  • Prop your laptop up on a few BIG books to bring the top of your screen to eye level, this will help reduce your neck strain and straighten your back. 
  • Working on a laptop that you continuously look down at can mean your neck is always put in a “forward, looking down” position. 

To reverse this strain on the neck and upper back, here’s a simple chin tuck exercise you can do.

We recommend: 10 tucks, hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 3 times to release the tension you may be feeling.   Do this twice a day.

Is your back rounding back into your makeshift office chair?

Try putting a small pillow down behind your lower back to keep yourself from slouching too much. 

Finding it hard to get your steps in?

Keeping moving is important and it isn’t easy when working from home, especially during the cold, winter months. You can try: 

  • Change your zoom meetings to a phone call and take it on a walk or walk and talk around the house?
  • Add a walk before work, during lunch or after work. 
  • Standing or walking desks can help you keep moving (a few banana boxes placed on your desk can make a great standing desk substitute – just don’t forget to have a wireless keyboard and mouse to go with it. 

Trouble setting specific work hours?

When working from home it may be hard to determine when you’re “on the clock” and when you’re not. 

Setting specific work hours, the same way you would in the office helps you to switch off when not “at work”.  Ultimately, this can help your work/life balance and has been shown to be a significant factor affecting your wellbeing when working from home. 

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Veronica is a qualified osteopath in Massey, West Auckland, specialising in sports injuries, headaches, pregnancy and postnatal care. She and the osteopathic team at Top Notch Bodyworks know their stuff and can help support you with your body concerns. Our osteopaths and neuromuscular therapists are also qualified to work with you at any stage of your injury or ongoing concerns.

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