What to expect?

Our clinical practitioners offer personalised natural pain relief, effective treatment and tailored advice for improved wellbeing.
Our professionally qualified and experienced massage therapists offer results-based treatments dedicated to optimising your health.

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Please arrive early to complete your form*, if you have not already been sent an online form to your mobile phone. 

Your session time is inclusive of:

  • consultation,
  • massage treatment,
  • dressing times, and
  • self care management with stretches, or any helpful information to elongate your treatment with us today.

​* This form will provide your therapist with information regarding your current health and goals you would like to achieve from your massage treatment. 


Our Top Notch therapists, after completion of your form, will take you into one of our private consultation rooms. 

Assessment of your issue can be short or longer depending on your goals. This will involve asking questions and you may be asked to do movements to find what is driving your issue.

Your therapist will explain to you what they think is happening and together you will discuss and agree with a treatment plan for the session. Your therapist will explain to you what areas require treatment and what clothing you will you need to leave on or take off.

Your therapist will leave the room for you to disrobe. We require you to leave your underwear on at all times and lie under the towel provided. 

Massage Session

A gentle knock on the door to check you are ready.

During the session, your therapist will check in with the pressure*and use their own unique approach to giving you a great treatment.  Please do speak up if the music is too loud, temperature is not right, or if you have any concerns. 

When you are with us, you will be treated with care, skill, dignity and respect. You will be adequately draped at all times, only uncovering parts of the body that you have consented to have work on. Our policy is to deliver a safe environment for everybody. 

After Care

Your therapist will quietly end the session, and leave the room for you to get dressed.

As all of our therapists are professionally trained to focus on your health and wellbeing, your therapist will provide you with what is the best strategy going forward for your situation.

This will include any self-care such as stretches or exercises that you can do for yourself between your sessions that will help you. They will be able to recommend how often you should be getting treatments and what the benefits will be for you.

At the end of your session you will leave feeling the benefits that massage therapy provides and you’ll already be thinking about your next session!

Who should I be matched with?

Our neuromuscular therapists are trained to a higher level and are equip with advanced techniques and greater experience. They are a great choice for complex and tricky ongoing cases.

If your need is simply for relaxation, pregnancy or deep tissue massage any one of our professionally trained massage therapists can help. We have a great variety of therapists to cater to all preferences.