Sweet Louise provider - Oncology Massage

Top Notch Bodyworks are excited to be a Sweet Louise provider. If you are a Sweet Louise member, you can access a range of free therapies, support and services though an annual allocation of $500 worth of vouchers. You will need to apply for the Sweet Louise Body, once approved your vouchers can be used here with us at Top Notch Bodyworks.

Sweet Louise is a trust which supports 1000’s of women and men with secondary breast cancer. As there is no cure for breast cancer, there is still a great deal that can help, which is why Top Notch are on board with providing a positive experience for not only the person living with breast cancer but for their families as well. For more information about Sweet Louise and membership please click here.

Why choose us?

We will never claim to know what you and your family are going through, but we will be there to listen and to provide you or your family a comforting massage which is tailored to what you want and need.

Our current oncology massage clients at Top Notch Bodyworks, really enjoy that they are never defined as a person with breast cancer. We treat you just the same as anyone else and they enjoy what we can offer.

You will have days where you are not feeling so flash, are in pain and achy or have had a hard week. So if it’s becoming all too much and you need an out, somewhere to go and be distracted from all the doctors appointments or hospital visits? Then come and see us, we will help you feel supported and safe! If you want to just zone out and have some time for you, just come and do it!

Rachel and Georgia are our specialist therapists which offer the Sweet Louise service. Both therapists have a close association with breast cancer having nursed their own family through and which is why they are drawn to oncology massage. With knowledge and experience in both the physical and psychological aspects of people living with breast cancer, you can be assured you will be in great hands.

How to book with your Sweet Louise voucher

Bookings are by appointment only.
For Georgia at Massey please click here.
For Rachel at Massey please click here.

Vouchers can be redeemed with any of our services and must be presented at the session.

If you would like to contact Top Notch Bodyworks for more information please click here