Safe, respectful healthcare for everyone

However you identify…..more than alright.

At Top Notch Bodyworks, we are committed to addressing the unique concerns of the LGBTQIA+ community within Auckland, New Zealand.

We are strong advocates for anyone within the LGBTQIA+ community being able to access quality healthcare services without discrimination and prejudice .  As such, we are committed to providing a supportive and accepting space for all members of the rainbow community, free from judgment or stigma.

At Top Notch we strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

Meet Nathalie, transgender osteopath serving the rainbow community

Top Notch Osteopath, Nathalie (she/her), is an integral part of our team and a valuable resource for our LGBTQIA+ clients. Nathalie, who is transfeminine herself, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her osteopathic practice, ensuring that any service you choose are specifically tailored to you. She also strives to stay knowledgeable on all manners of gender affirming healthcare through her membership of PATHA (Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa) and can help answer any questions you might have around the topic.

LGBTQIA+ Healthcare with Top Notch

If you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community near West Auckland and Parnell and are in need of high-quality healthcare services, look no further than Top Notch Bodyworks. Our experienced practitioners are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal wellness, and we will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns and needs.

We are also a listed business for Rainbow Connect.

We treat many people from the rainbow community – from helping with injury, health and wellbeing.  Osteopath Nathalie and Anj have done further qualifications to further understand the healthcare needs of minority and specialised healthcare due to specific surgery and transformation. 

Your privacy remains between you and your immediate Top Notch healthcare provider. Within Top Notch, our system is further secured and protected with 2FA.  Withing our privacy policy, only the immediate therapist is authorised to view and amend your clinical profile, unless you provide your verbal or written consent.

If you need to come straight from work or going to work – we can work around the clothes you are in. 

Shorts or active wear is great. 

If you aren’t comfortable with removing any item of clothing (we may ask to see how your spine or lower back is moving) we don’t have to do that and there are other ways we can get the information we’re looking for. 

Nathalie is able to assist you with any specific needs related to medical transition,  including muscle and ligament discomfort due to gender affirming shape wear or activities, as well as any “common” pain or injury related needs where social or medical transitioning plays a part. Pre and post-surgical care can also be included, combined with a trusted physiotherapist if required.

You’ll meet with Nathalie, who can guide you through your own concerns and apply an approach to your healthcare that will benefit you. 

Your session will typically include:

  • Assessment and management of discomfort, pain or injury. (If these are related to transition and specific to gender affirming care, this will be taken into account)
  • Advice around general muscle or ligament issues including those specific to the transgender  community and how they can be mitigated or overcome.
  • Postural education (if required)
    – Breathing retraining and stress / anxiety management 
  • Hands on therapy is normally  included, but will be clearly explained beforehand. If you aren’t comfortable with taking an item of clothing off,  we don’t have to do that and there are other ways we can get the information we’re looking for.

If you are binding, for long periods of time or incorrectly, could effect the chest, ribs, lungs, nerves, and skin, as well as negatively impacting posture. It can also reduce skin elasticity, potentially affecting the outcome of future top surgery.

If you are new to binding or are experiencing complications such as discomfort or pain with binding, please come and see us.   We would advocate that you do use an appropriate binder such as a purpose made binder (see where to buy below), or wearing a sports bra or compression garments.

We also advise removing your binder for exercising and sleeping. And to avoid wearing for long periods of time (less than 8 hours).

If you need to purchase your own binder please see these two fabulous NZ owned binder businesses:

Bind Me

Agnes and Eddie

Congratulations! Please come and see us if you require a trusted pregnancy osteopath who can provide help with your body, naturally, during this precious and exciting time.

Midwife – Rachel Abery –  Proud member of the rainbow community and am uniquely placed to provide culturally safe care to any LGBTTQIA+ pregnant people and whānau living across Auckland and electing to birth at Auckland City Hospital.  Read more about Rachel in Stuff  here.