You're in good hands.

It’s the Kiwi way to just keep on going. But, we only get one body. So we need to look after it.
If you injure yourself, it’s better to act fast. Call or book in for a consult at Top Notch Bodyworks. We’ll make sure you’re in good hands.

D. Mincham

To cut a long story short, after getting told by an A&E doctor to have quarterzone injections for my injured shoulder for on going pain relief, I went  to TOP NOTCH BODYWORKS and in which they are sorted my shoulder and back out in no time. Highly recommend and have also referred family and friends on how good they are service wise, super friendly and very knowledgeable. Thank you again Top Notch Massey.

Getting ACC treatment early can lead to a better outcome and quicker recovery with Top Notch Osteopaths.

Osteopathy is covered by the Accident compensation corporation (ACC) in New Zealand and we can help you with your injury.

So if you are injured due to an accident, you may be eligible for ACC coverage for osteopathic treatment. All our osteopaths are ACC providers.

AT Top Notch, ACC brings your session down to $65.00

Your ACC appointment with an osteopath will consist of questions related to your injury – how it occurred, what was injured, we will also ask any relevant questions to pain, any nerve symptoms, what you can do at the moment and what things you are finding difficulty with.

We will take you through some movements and tests to really identify what is injured and how best we can help you in your session to feel better and alleviate as much pain as possible.

How many sessions, will depend on the severity of your injury. We will also send for imaging if this is necessary.

To prepare for your session please wear loose-fitting clothing. 

We treat many kinds of accidents such as:

Do I need a Doctors referral for ACC?

There is no requirement for a Doctor’s referral for ACC. Your ACC form can be filled out at our clinic. Our osteopaths will be able to tell you if you can claim ACC for your injury.

You do not need to see your GP to raise an ACC claim, you can simply book with us and fill out our instant claim form to get your ACC approval underway with our osteopaths.

We will support you back to independence after your injury with our care and rehabilitation or recovery approach.

Call 09 212 8753 to speak with an expert about your ACC situation.

We know getting help right away is important for a few reasons,

Overall, getting in with early ACC treatment leads to better outcomes and quicker recovery, allowing you to return to doing what you love as soon as possible.

What if I have already completed an ACC claim?

If you already filled out an ACC form with another health professional, bring your number with you, but only if it is for the area you are seeking treatment for.

​If you don’t know what that number is, with a few details from you, we can ring ACC and find out for you.

ACC can also cover – injuries caused by treatment, conditions that come on gradually through work (Dr’s approval only), serious injuries or disabilities, mental injuries or sexual violence. Read more