Visceral osteopathy or visceral manipulation is a gentle form of treatment performed to help with any restriction or tension found within or around your internal organs. 

What can you treat with visceral manipulation?

  • Breathing disorders
  • Permanent cough
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • Constipation 
  • Posture
  • Infections – peritonitis
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Unresolved jaw, neck, shoulder, back, abdomen and pelvic pain
  • ” I feel weird” something is different but just can’t pin point it

After six weeks

  • Post-operation or surgery – c-section, laparoscopy, heart, lung
  • Trauma – whiplash
visceral manipulation

Why would I get visceral manipulation?

I've had this issue for years, and it does not matter what I do, it still comes back.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, this could mean your organs and ligaments are not able to glide and slide.  This is when we would look at using visceral manipulation techniques. 

Do any of these ring true for you?

Recurrent pain – such as back pain or shoulder pain – will disappear and feel better with massage or osteopathy treatment, but it’s back again in a few days or weeks.  Despite on going treatment, nothing is found with investigations (ultrasounds, MRI) and it’s always coming back and “I’ve had this same issue for years”.

It might be that nothing you do – makes a difference.

It might be that, your back pain or shoulder pain is out of the blue, and you can’t pin point to exactly why from a recent accident, injury or movement.

You may be getting digestive issues, changes in breathing, urination control that are appearing 2-3 years after a whiplash or fall off a horse or ladder injury, as your internal organ has been in spasm or restricted for a long period of time. 

Organs have nerves that share the same level in the spine as the nerves of the muscles, joints and ligaments of the body. 

Which is means it is hard to figure out is this back pain or an organ that is mimicking back pain.  The way to differentiate this is, can I switch it on and off –  If I do this – it hurts, if I don’t do that – it doesn’t hurt. Versus nothing I do I just can’t get rid of it. 

For example: stomach and liver share the same attachments and if there is greater tension on the ligaments it can pull the stomach towards the liver and this can alter how the stomach is working.  Or it could be that the stomach is being sucked up through the diaphragm muscle causing reflux.  You may have suffered a trauma like a whiplash and there is greater tension in this area which doesn’t allow your diaphragm to fully expand and now it is affecting your digestion two years later. 

You may have had CT scans, ultrasounds, been placed on the FODMAP diet, you’ve tried acupuncture – yet, it still returns. 

Visceral manipulation treatment by an experienced and trained osteopath helps to remove any restriction to your stomach (or other organ) and get it back to gliding and sliding properly without any restrictions, so it can functioning properly

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I have been referred by a gut specialist for visceral work

Our assessment will help to find out if there is any mechanical issue that is contributing to your symptoms. 

It is advised you come in comfortable clothes, you will not be asked to undress and we work around your clothing.  For gut health referrals we will work specifically with your abdomen but also we may need to look at other areas of the body. 

Visceral work is gentle and there will be little to no discomfort.

How many visceral treatments will I need?

It will depend on your situation. Many people experience benefits within three to five sessions; others may require more. 

Anj Young founded Top Notch Bodyworks. She was a fitness instructor for the RNZAF for 13 years, a qualified physiotherapist, massage therapist and osteopath. Her and the team at Top Notch Bodyworks know their stuff and can help support you with your body concerns. Our osteopaths and neuromuscular therapists are also qualified to work with you at any stage of your injury or ongoing concerns.