Thoracic Rotation

Improve your thoracic rotation with this one key exercise. 

Tightness through this area of the back has been linked to pain in the neck, shoulder, and lower back, as well as, an increased effort in breathing (which can makes singing a lot more difficult too). When we breathe our ribs must open up and expand, this becomes restricted when our thoracic spine gets tight. Poor or prolonged postures such as desk sitting also significantly contribute to this tightness or stiffness.

Getting your thoracic rotation sorted can help to open up the chest, improving breathing and reducing tightness and pain in surrounding joints (i.e. neck and shoulders).  See our other thoracic exercise here.

This exercise is perfect for 
Golfers, swimmers, weight training, you’re in a one sided job – like a check out operator and those who know they struggle to reach things.

🎥 Watch the following video to learn how to create more rotation through your upper body successfully.

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