I am unsure of who to go to - who do I see for my injury? Help!

When you have an injury or ongoing concern it is very tricky to understand WHO and WHERE is the right place for you to see and it is really only through word of mouth from friends and family that you end up placing a booking.

At Top Notch, we have the view that the only difference between a physiotherapist, even a chiropractor and an osteopath – is a good one (and a not so good one). That’s it.

Genuinely, if you find a really good health professional, they will only have your best interests at heart to elevate your health care. They will also know their limitations in how they can help you. A good health professional, whilst your under their care, they will do their very best to get you back on track as fast as possible. 

That’s exactly how we operate here at Top Notch Bodyworks. 

Initial Consultation

We will find out what is going on

Top Notch Neuromuscular Therapy

We listen to what has happened, how long you have had it and, then what you can and can not. 

We ask a few questions about background health to make sure nothing else could be contributing. 

By taking this time to ask you specific questions, we are able to understand your experience and how it is affecting you. 

We will assess you

what do osteopaths do

Our osteopaths and our neuromuscular therapists will use a few diagnostic tests to assess the area (we may need to ask you to remove clothing, for example to see your back or shoulder, only if necessary and if you are happy to do so).

By putting your area of concern through movements and seeing how it moves –  is key to make certain your concern is related to a muscle or joint and nothing else.

At Top Notch, our osteopaths are highly trained to ensure we get the right diagnosis and you get the right treatment – therefore, you are not wasting your time and money.

You'll receive treatment specific to your concern

Within our treatment, our osteopaths and massage therapists use hands-on, specific techniques that are appropriate for your condition – aimed at reducing niggles, pain, discomfort or giving you more freedom of movement and range.

We will give you professional advice

Learn about osteopath and massage therapy can do for you.

You’ll also leave with professional advice on what we think is going on, how long until it improves, when we need to see you next and, what you need to do – such as movements that are safe and specifically address your area of concern.  Our goal is for you to always be moving forward with improvements.

What if things are not progressing?

If the area of concern is not improving – we won’t keep flogging a dead horse with treatments that are not making any difference whatsoever. 

We’ll get you in for further imaging and use our established relationship network to match you up with the right health care professionals for further investigation. 

Anj Young founded Top Notch Bodyworks. She was a fitness instructor for the RNZAF for 13 years, a qualified physiotherapist, massage therapist and osteopath. Her and the team at Top Notch Bodyworks know their stuff and can help support you with your body concerns. Our osteopaths and neuromuscular therapists are also qualified to work with you at any stage of your injury or ongoing concerns.