I need to have a "bashing" or a hard session - is a myth that needs to go in our industry

Who would you recommend? I am in need of some serious deep tissue bashing on the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves! I have been in with one of your therapists a couple of times but needing some heavy work done. Not that I can handle it anyway.

Sports Massage Deep Tissue Legs

Get a good firm session, but without the need to brace yourself

I was very curious to know how it has been with that therapist? I asked if they got the same results without the intensity of their last session? As we do find as therapists there is less resistance when there is a good, firm pressure is applied, and that it is more beneficial and longer lasting. 

Their reply 
“Was certainly effective though. Bashed probably isn’t the right work. I guess I have always  seen immediate results from a deep tissue massage and working out knots and niggles” 

Shaun is right, it should not be about fluffy ducks, but it should not jump to the extreme.

We are trying to in a way talk to your nervous system first and reduce any hypersensitive areas (achy, painful) or restrictions (feeling of tightness and pulling).

We are ineffective if you have to be hammered into line, bracing or squirming on the table just to feel that it is going to do you good (you can get that in a very different capacity elsewhere).  In sensitive areas, it can be painful, but it should not be delivered in a way you are needing to resist the pressure in order to “handle” the pressure of your therapist. We need to drop the “no pain-no gain” it does not serve your body any good. 

Plus, your wasting your money

Rip, shit and bust is not the way. 

I will tell you our therapists are successful with a huge following because their techniques work with your threshold and that is where the art of a great massage sets us apart from “bashings” you may encounter. I’d also argue what qualifications they have.

We know if your holding or tensing due to having pressure way too hard – you are wasting your investment. 

And it works.

Shaun's result

You will get sick of hearing from me, but had to share! Just very exciting for me. You questioned me and I stand corrected. Perhaps "bashing" and very deep tissue massage isn't the right approach. Massage with your therapist on Sunday really focusing on my current issue. 37km run over the past 3 days and my left leg has not skipped a beat. Not once. At all sorts of intensities too. It's been weeks since I could say that. One happy, happy runner and customer. Please let them know and pass on my thanks. I look forward to seeing them soon!

Being tortured is not the way to successful performance. Getting booked in with our team will help you achieve your goals without the need to psych yourself up every time you need to get sorted. Our deep tissue or sport massage (also known as Neuromuscular Massage) is the right approach. 

Anj Young founded Top Notch Bodyworks. She was a fitness instructor for the RNZAF for 13 years, a qualified physiotherapist, massage therapist and osteopath. Her and the team at Top Notch Bodyworks know their stuff and can help support you with your body concerns. Our osteopaths and neuromuscular therapists are also qualified to work with you at any stage of your injury or ongoing concerns.