Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are able to do online consultations with our Osteopaths. You can find more details here

Southern Cross Health Insurance Yes, we have massage and osteopathy services available with approved senior therapists. You can find more details here

Emergencies can and do happen, people get sick, and we consider these but do ask that as a courtesy, you let us know if you cannot make your appointment ASAP.  Please text 021 1818380 if you wish to change your appointment within 12 hours of your scheduled time.

At times, especially during the evenings, the door may be locked when you arrive for safety and security reasons for both you and your therapist. If you’re concerned or think we may have forgotten you, please call us on 09 2128753 or send a text to 021 1818380. Your understanding and patience are much appreciated, and we hope this makes you feel safer during your visit to Top Notch Bodyworks.

If your therapist is sick, we will contact you and offer the option to rebook with another therapist or on another date. We will always try to keep you with your usual therapist but give you the choice.

There are lots of way’s to book with us. Our preference is to book online. You can also DM or call us on 09 2128753

If there is a specific area you need to have treatment on, we will focus on that, but it depends on what you want and need. Sometimes treatment can be necessary for an area that differs to where the pain is presenting. During our initial consultation process, we discuss the best treatment plans for you before we start.

You can read more about the services we offer here.

Our massage therapists are qualified in addressing issues using swedish massage techniques. This differs from Thai massage where it is generalised and doesn’t use props used in massage such as hot stone massage.

Yes, you do undress, but only on the necessary body parts.  We will always ask first.

We would always ask what level of comfort people are happy with. Treatment can take place while you are fully clothed; however, we have a holistic approach to sessions. Consults can involve checking moles, scars, bumps and lumps. Having access to assess the curvature of the spine visually is also helpful, but not necessary.

Pregnancy massage will typically involve the neck, shoulders, arms, torso and lower legs in a side-lying position. Your feet will be included at the end if requested.

We don’t offer couples massage in the same room, but we can do two massages at the same time in separate rooms depending on when the therapists are available.

An osteopath and our senior massage therapists can help identify some of the potential triggers that could be causing migraines.

If you don’t have a regular massage therapist or osteopath and have no preference, you can select that option when booking your appointment. The team member with availablity at the time you select, will be scheduled. If you have a specific need or chronic issue that needs addressing, we recommend calling us to help book your appointment.

This is called post-massage soreness. It is very normal especially if you have not had a massage in a very long time or this is your first massage.  There are a few reasons being we have worked in an area that has been held in a pattern for a long time and we have released areas that the body is now having to adapt to. Think of it similar to working out – your muscles have had local blood flow bringing into it nutrients and removing waste products. So there has been a ‘temporary’ increase in inflammation to areas that need attention. It is this inflammation that can bring discomfort. It should not last longer than 24 hours.   You may also be severely dehydrated, we do encourage you to drink a lot of fluids (water). You can tell if you are dehydrated by the colour of your urination – peeing yellow or darker is a sure sign you are in a state of dehydration.  If your soreness continues on for more than 2 days, we want to know so please contact us here

For more on what to expect during your sessions with us, see the info under Treatments

Remedial & Sports Massage

Relieve stiff necks, sore back and shoulders.  Reduce the chance of injury and improve your performance. [more]

Relaxation Massage

Gentle techniques which soothe & alleviate stress by relaxing the muscles and diminishing pain. [more]

Osteopathic Services

Osteopathy focuses holistically on the underlying cause of what is going on for you. We address everything from new injuries to ongoing pain throughout your body.  [more]

Pregnancy Massage

A massage that’s specifically designed to be safe and ease discomfort & provide relaxation during pregnancy. [more]