Pregnancy and Relaxation Massage Therapist | Parnell

"Margaux was absolutely amazing. She was understanding of my needs and described the process throughout. One of the best massages I have ever got. I went in stiff and in a great deal of agony from physical activity and came out very light and relaxed.

- Zoheb, Parnell

Margaux specialises in relaxation, prenatal care and sports massage.

Hi, I’m Margaux!

I offer pregnancy and relaxation massage therapy, and sports recovery or maintenance in Parnell.

If you are seeking a safe therapist for your pregnancy massage, in a high performing occupation, and looking for a good relaxation session that provides just enough firm pressure, but also allows you to melt into a state of relaxation.  I aim to provide intuitive and caring massage therapy work by first addressing what is going on for you and then allowing your body to let me know where tightness and tension are coming from.

My treatment often surprises many of those I massage, as they were not expecting certain areas to be tight and attributing to their troubles.

Having a solid background in yoga and bodywork, my sessions always include stretches and advice to help you outside of our sessions, so you can continue to feel great for longer.

I’d love to help you like I have others who are in my care. 

Internationally, I’ve completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, specifying in Massage Therapy. I’ve gone on to qualify in deep tissue and sports massage. Currently, I am working towards my Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) degree. I’m also a yogi and often practise yoga, meditation and breathing techniques in my own time.  Having practised as a Massage Therapist in many resorts and sports therapy clinics throughout the world, this experience has allowed me to perfect my art and be successful with my style of massage therapy.

"Margaux was AMAZING! I left feeling lighter and very relaxed, thank you for a fantastic experience!

- Sinister