Registered Osteopath

David specialises in ACC related injuries, pain management, and rehabilitation.

David Liddiard is our Senior Registered Osteopath, graduating with a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) from Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

After completing his studies in the UK, David has worked in several different practices around New Zealand. With an extensive background and specialisation in the dynamics of how your body moves (biomechanics) and improve how you drive (rehabilitation). David has worked with professional sports teams such as the sevens and elite Olympic athletes.

With David, you’ll get the absolute best. His ongoing attendance of professional development in rehabilitation, injury prevention and work-related injuries, will be reflected in your session.

David also has a keen eye for getting your rehabilitation on track, helping you with injury prevention, and postural changes. David can even look at the impact that work is having on your injury. If needed, David can work alongside post-surgery care and other specialist health care professionals, so you can get maximise your recovery and get back to doing what you enjoy best. ​ David is also experienced with pregnancy, abdominal and pelvic issues and has a keen interest in any digestive issues you may have.

David is ACC registered

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