To our clients

What different levels mean for your treatment.

Amid the current DELTA outbreak of covid-19, we will endeavour to keep you updated on what we’re doing to prioritise your health and safety while visiting our clinics.

We are being guided by information from the Ministry of Health, Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and Massage New Zealand and as circumstances continue to develop, we will continue to update our policies and you.

Alert Level 4

Osteopaths, along with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, are part of the NZ healthcare system described as ‘Allied Health’. We are allies (we help and work alongside) to the Doctors and Specialists. 

We all work in very close proximity, and in closed space with people for a prolonged period of time (more than 15 minutes). For this reason, at Covid-19 alert levels 4 we are not permitted to provide face-to-face physical treatments. 

Under these levels we can provide online consultations (see  below)

Alert Level 3 - Updated 06 October 2021

Under Level 3, can I book an appointment with my Massage Therapist?

Not until we reach Level 3.3 that you are able to see your Massage Therapist. Our bookings are currently closed until we have authorisation for this level.

Under Level 3, can I book an appointment with my Osteopath?

For non-urgent cases, not until we reach Level 3.3.

For URGENT CARE reasons, Yes.  For non-urgent cases you will need to wait until 3.3.

If you believe you would qualify as needing ‘urgent care’.  Please see the following Ministry of Health criteria:

To receive face-to-face urgent care, you must:

  • Have a condition which is life or limb threatening; OR
  • Require treatment in order to continue with the basic necessities of life (breathing, eating, sleeping, toileting); OR 
  • Have a condition where if treatment is not carried out remotely or is delayed, you may suffer significant harm or permanent or significant disability as a result of waiting; OR
  • Require treatment where you have suffered a severe and sudden onset which, if not treated, will lead to your condition worsening (physically or mentally). 
  • Require treatment where any delay in treatment will impact your ability to maintain functional independence and  will significantly negatively impact your quality of life; OR


  • Alternative treatment cannot be delivered to you by a service or professionals who are currently operating (Doctor / Nurse / Hospital / Specialist). 

Examples of Treatments:

  • You have suffered a lower back injury, ripping up the deck and you have suffered a strain that despite taking medication. After a period of resting or gentle stretches guided by telehealth, it is not getting better or worsening to the point where you are unable to move properly, your sleep is being affected, your unable to work and your mental health is starting to suffer.
  • You’ve suffered with a migraine or headache, that despite the appropriate medication, it has not helped. This is significantly impacting your sleep or your ability to work amongst other things. 

Whilst the majority of patients will likely not meet the criteria given, the ability to provide this care can help make the difference for patients who can’t find relief any other way.

Online Consultations

The Ministry of Health have determined that during levels 3 and 4, patients can still have access to osteopathy via something called ‘Telehealth’ – the provision of healthcare, education and consultation through remote communication such as telephone, text and video calling.

Osteopaths actually get about 80% of the information we use to formulate a diagnosis about your problem from the questions we ask you during the consultation.

We then gain another 10% from observing you move and do ‘special tests’ which can incriminate one body tissue over another, and the remaining 10% from touching the sore spots to see what they feel like – this really is more of a confirmation process.

For this reason, Telehealth can still be an excellent option to get a diagnosis, (safety and information permitting) and make a plan to move forward or keep your symptoms at bay until we can provide hands ‘on’ treatment again.

Alert Level 2 and 1 - Updated March 2020

Alert Level 2 - We are go!

At alert level 2, we can open for physical appointments again, but with extra safety measures in place.

We want to make sure that you are as safe as possible at Top Notch, and that our clinic has the highest possible standards of health and hygiene during New Zealand’s battle with Coronavirus.

All patients will be required to wear masks at all times when in the clinic.

If you do not want to wear a mask, please contact us in advance to discuss this. We do have patients who struggle to breathe, or are claustrophobic and of course will make alternative arrangements for these people. Children are not required to wear masks unless they would like to.


  • Online clinic appointments – we are offering evidence based video or phone calls with an osteopath if you are still unable to come in. Where we can interview, examine, diagnose and educate to provide home based rehabilitation, as well as fitness programmes for your needs.
  • Distancing – our therapists and admin practice physical distancing.
  • Hand hygiene – we continue to practice excellent hand hygiene.
  • Cleaning measures – we continue to thoroughly clean our clinic and consultation rooms between appointments and throughout the day. Beds are stripped with beds wiped down with sanitiser between each client, as well as all high touch surfaces and where your personal belongings have been.
  • Sickness – as usual, staff will not be coming to work if we are unwell.
  • Waiting room – for now, we have removed magazines and other information from the waiting areas to reduce handling.
  • Declaration – we have included a declaration to be completed when you book online. We ask that new and returning clients answer to complete these for us to assess potential risks to our other clients and staff.
  • Staff leave – we are supporting our team with leave if they have been impacted with self-isolation requirements
    Elderly – we will be calling all elderly clients to ensure they have everything they need.


  • You wash/sanitise your hands upon entry to the clinic.
  • Postpone your appointments with us if you or people in close contact with you have recently returned from overseas.
  • Postpone your appointment if you are unwell.

For COVID-19 health advice and information, contact the Healthline team (for free) on 0800 358 5453

Alert Level 2 and 1

At alert level 1, our cleaning and hygiene procedures will be similar to level 2, however, we will return to using linen on the couches, and face masks will be optional for staff and patients.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please contact us to discuss them.

We are happy to hear any concerns you may have. We want your experience at Top Notch to be a positive one.

What Level 2 will look like at Top Notch

Please note – in addition to this video we also will be sanitising all high contact areas, including where you have placed your personal belongings and we ask that you wear a mask under Level 2 for your appointment.