Are you ok? Self-care during hard times

We love to ‘handle it’ and ‘I’ve got it’ and ‘it’ll be right’ – but if you were being honest with yourself – are you? If you aren’t read on.    HOW ARE YOU GOING?If you are feeling a bit anxious, scared, worried or unsure – please know this is

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How to start small when getting back into exercise.

Wave goodbye to winter and those 100 days that for some, we become super sedentary!  Not so ideal circumstances – in the exercise department and so, we have a tip! Ease in. When we ease into our exercise and give the body time to become accustomed (adapt) to what we

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How to breath easily

Stress and pain relief in three simple words.

Remember. To. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Sounds so simple right? But under stress, we often forget to breathe. It’s an especially important message this week, but I’ve spoken to a massive amount of my clients over the last little while about breathwork. Breathing wrong (yep we can do it wrong),

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Triple Magnesium Complex

Magnesium Supplementation for your health and wellbeing

Many of our clients were taking a magnesium product, it was not working for them and many were experiencing gastrointestinal upset (constipation) due to taking a blended product with high oxide content.  ​So out of all the rubbish on the shelves I’ve finally found it! Even better it was 100% natural

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Shoulder pain

Do you have pain between the shoulder blades?

Do you have an area of soreness that you feel in-between your shoulder blades or even lower? It could be coming from that area or perhaps it’s coming from the front? Your shoulder joint is so movable and even though the joint has a similar configuration to the hip joint being a ball

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Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

Massage Therapy alleviates pain, fatigue and improves your performance! What is DOMs? Delayed onset muscle soreness – which is delayed onset of your muscles being sore – it occurs within the first 24 hours after strenuous or exhaustive exercise and you will feel it more between 24 -72 hour period

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exercise pregnancy

Learn how exercise can help you during your pregnancy

Massage during and after pregnancy is quite popular with us at Top Notch Massage Bodyworks, which is why we love to include due to the growing evidence towards the mental and physical rewards it provides. Is movement important during pregnancy?At Top Notch, we do advocate remaining active during pregnancy and we

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Tension headaches

Get rid of your tension headache

There is nothing worse than knowing you have a headache coming on – especially ones that are caused by Tension-type headaches (TTH), which feel like a dull or heavy, non-pulsating band of pain; usually on both sides of the head. The name comes from an erroneous belief that overly tight

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Qualified Massage Therapy vs Unqualified?

Qualified Massage Therapy vs unqualified? – What’s the difference? Is there a difference within the massage profession of what type of massage you will get? Most definitely! A fully trained therapist, approaches your massage with a completely different outlook, compared to say a mall or spa massage.   Massage is

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