Giving birth during Level 4

You. Are. In. Safe. Hands. Remember that the midwives and medical team are there for you and your baby. Sounds so obvious, right? But under stress, and these strange conditions, we often fear the unknown. It’s an especially important message this week, but I’ve spoken to a number of my

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top notch bodyworks pregnancy benefit of squats

Why are squats good during pregnancy?

Squats are something you can do to help prepare for labour and the extra pressure your body is under during pregnancy. So we’re big advocates for squats around here. CervixSquats put pressure on your cervix, helping to build up strength, resilience and ease of dilation during the different phases of

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How to recover from any injury

What to do immediately after an injury

Ice delays recovery, prevents inflammation and delays healing This might come as a surprise. After all, putting ice on an injury has been something we have always been advised to do for many years, and with a simple Dr google search, you will find this advice still exists today. But

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Do you have low motivation?

It’s no surprise that changing up and down through levels can bring with it low motivation, often we find it hard to realign or adapt and getting out of this rut can be challenging. It’s an especially important message this week, but I’ve spoken to a massive amount of my

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Are you ok? Self-care hard times

In the military, we learned that teamwork is crucial to weathering the storm. That you’re only as good as your team. In this environment, I am privileged to lead our awesome team through these level changes. And by golly, I have learnt a lot.   Apple might have needed Steve Jobs to rejuvenate

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How to start small when getting back into exercise.

Wave goodbye to winter!  Down on the farm Mum said the baby calves and lambs are playing all over the place! In the urbs at my place, flowers are in full bloom ☀️🐣🐑.​I Love Daylight savings.  Gives that extra bit of light to play with. Not so ideal circumstances –

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How to breath easily

Stress and pain relief in three simple words.

Remember. To. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Sounds so simple right? But under stress, we often forget to breathe. It’s an especially important message this week, but I’ve spoken to a massive amount of my clients over the last little while about breathwork. Breathing wrong (yep we can do it wrong),

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Triple Magnesium Complex

Magnesium Supplementation for your health and wellbeing

Many of our clients were taking a magnesium product, it was not working for them and many were experiencing gastrointestinal upset (constipation) due to taking a blended product with high oxide content.  ​So out of all the rubbish on the shelves I’ve finally found it! Even better it was 100% natural

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Shoulder pain

Do you have pain between the shoulder blades?

Do you have an area of soreness that you feel in-between your shoulder blades or even lower? It could be coming from that area or perhaps it’s coming from the front? Your shoulder joint is so movable and even though the joint has a similar configuration to the hip joint being a ball

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