Why bother with posture when working from home

If working from home is now a long-term situation for you and this is how your laptop sits on your desk – you may want to re-think your set-up.  Using your laptop at the dining room table? This is where we all found ourselves over the past two years, and

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What is visceral manipulation osteopathy?

Visceral osteopathy or visceral manipulation is a gentle form of treatment performed to help with any restriction or tension found within or around your internal organs.  What can you treat with visceral manipulation? Breathing disorders Permanent cough Gastroesophageal reflux disease Irritable Bowel syndrome Constipation  Posture Infections – peritonitis Hiatus hernia

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Why improve your thoracic rotation

Improve your thoracic rotation with this one key exercise.  Tightness through this area of the back has been linked to pain in the neck, shoulder, and lower back, as well as, an increased effort in breathing (which can makes singing a lot more difficult too). When we breathe our ribs

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Thoracic spine extension with Foam Roller

Improve your thoracic spine extension The thoracic spine is also known as your upper back.  It is here where your ribs attach at the front and around the back to the spine – they protect all your vital organs like your heart and lungs.  But, this makes it very hard

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Why do we fail with our goals?

Want to understand WHY we might fail our goals? Harsh fact… most people will FAIL with their goals in 2022….. The following post, from Sahil Bloom, should help you succeed…. it’s a great piece of writing. Goals are great. But, like everyone, I’ve set—and then failed with many goals over

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Vacination Status under COVID-19 Protection Framework

Your health matters We know that it is inevitable that with more movement around the country, there is the potential for COVID-19 to sneak through the clinic. This has been a known risk since Alert Level 3 and will continue to be under the traffic light system. Our response has been

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Giving birth during Level 4

You. Are. In. Safe. Hands. Remember that the midwives and medical team are there for you and your baby. Sounds so obvious, right? But under stress, and these strange conditions, we often fear the unknown. It’s an especially important message this week, but I’ve spoken to a number of my

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top notch bodyworks pregnancy benefit of squats

Why are squats good during pregnancy?

Squats are something you can do to help prepare for labour and the extra pressure your body is under during pregnancy. So we’re big advocates for squats around here. CervixSquats put pressure on your cervix, helping to build up strength, resilience and ease of dilation during the different phases of

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How to recover from any injury

What to do immediately after an injury

Ice delays recovery, prevents inflammation and delays healing This might come as a surprise. After all, putting ice on an injury has been something we have always been advised to do for many years, and with a simple Dr google search, you will find this advice still exists today. But

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