Are you ok? Self-care hard times

In the military, we learned that teamwork is crucial to weathering the storm. That you’re only as good as your team. In this environment, I am privileged to lead our awesome team through these level changes. And by golly, I have learnt a lot.  

Apple might have needed Steve Jobs to rejuvenate it and send it soaring as a company again, but he didn’t do it all himself. Winston Churchill encouraged England to hang tough during the terrible experiences of World War II, but if people hadn’t rallied behind him and believed in him, his encouragement might not have been enough.

Top Notch is consistently being supported by you, our loyal clients who rally behind us when we are able to get back up and treating, this is not only a massive sigh of relief to our team but also provides confidence that we have your support.  Together we are stronger.

In the early days of my military career, we were handed a large heavy log between five personnel who of which were newly formed. We were one of ten groups. We were told to hold the log up above our heads and then after sometime lower it down. Everyone was bloody miserable and we were struggling – we were all just working for ourselves; we were individuals trying to keep a log up and down. That was HARD. It was messy.

After probably 20 mins with this log (it actually felt like HOURS..), we could see (and hear) that as a group we were finding this all too much, we started falling behind the other teams. One by one we started to yell out to each other to keep going and to push through. We all dug deep and eventually realised that if we chanted out together when we would raise the log and lower the log it made the struggle that much easier. Our motivation to keep going was high and we got out in front – winning the task. That was my first dose of teamwork. 

You could call that log – COVID.

I am absolutely proud that as a team, with the news delivered of a lockdown, we are still pulling together and providing each other support amongst our team. Because together we are stronger and we just could not fathom not doing this work.  And I want to extend this support out to you. 

If you are feeling a bit anxious, scared, worried or unsure – please know this is completely normal, really uncomfortable but normal. It is ok, not to be ok. 

Something (Level 3) has happened that is out of our control and that’s bound to give you a feeling of doubt, anger, upset and all the emotions in between. 

It’s tough. These lockdowns affect each and every one of us differently – we are all swimming in the same COVID ocean but just on different boats. Some are paddling hard against the wind and in the choppy seas and some have motors cruising towards the sunset. 

If you are paddling hard, we have a few tips for you.

Breathing strategies are a really quick way to attempt to bring down these feelings. 
Inhale through the nose for a count of four seconds then hold for two seconds and then exhale out for four seconds. Do this six times. Really focus on counting the breath to help distract your mind from your worries.


Write things down.  It seems everyone is so “busy” nowadays and unfortunately, busy-ness leads to stress, anxiety, and even more serious health problems. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. Fortunately, writing things down is one way to help significantly reduce all of that. Putting your emotions down to writing makes it easier to process your thoughts and feelings at a much deeper level than simply thinking about it. You can also write a list of jobs or things to do each day so you can see it in plain black and white. This helps clear the mind, even if you have not done anything yet!

Reaching out to family and friends – even like some of our team sharing how they are feeling about this lockdown on our chat. It’s so beneficial just to talk, where someone will listen. It does help. 

Reflect on what you could do within L3 rules. Please do get outside and talk a walk, ride your bike, get an online gym sesh in. Sweat! Get the heart rate up!  Try something new – cook something you have never cooked.  Play some tunes you can sing and dance too. Put on a comedy! Laughter is amazing for changing perspective. Get back to basics – SLEEP, EAT AND MOVE.

CALL 1737 

Speak to someone trained that you can talk to in confidence could help, with peer support, you can talk with someone who has been through distress themselves. There are also other resources you can find here. 

We have access to our primary health professionals who can help you with your injury, accident or long term pain, we could also suggest or facilitate connecting you with further resources if you need them. 
To see one of our team you can book online here.

​Take it easy on yourself this lockdown and please reach out if you need. 

Anj and the team x

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